What’s the best exercise to flatten your tummy?

This is the most common question I get asked – ‘What’s the best exercise to flatten your tummy?’

There are lots of exercises that will help strengthen your core muscles.

But no amount of situps will flatten a flabby belly – a flatter stomach will come from one thing…..


All the sit ups in the world won’t get ride of that belly fat from around you middle.  But don’t worry, you’re not stuck with it forever!

Heres a few tips that will help you lose some stubborn fat from around your middle:

  • Drink more water, aim for a glass every hour rather than downing it all at once
  • Eat at least 3 portions of green vegetables a day, go for spinach, watercress, kale in salads and broccoli, sprouts and cabbage for cooked variation
  • Eat more protein, chicken, turkey, fish, beef, lamb, steak….Rotate which types of protein you eat so you don’t get bored
  • Sleep more. no I dont mean take afternoon naps. I mean get to be before 10.30pm most nights and make sure you’re room is dark (really dark) switch off mobile devices
  • Exercise at the correct intensity, complete sharp short bursts of exercise that use the main muscle groups in your body.
  • Rest, taking time out to just sit for 10 minutes to de-stress and gather your thoughts
  • Empty your stress bucket, stress is unavoidable but how we deal with it is important to how our body reacts. Stress is one of the key factors in rising obesity levels



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