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OK, so I think we’re all on the same page regarding…..BREAKFAST?  Basically, if you start the day with a sweet, carbohydrate dominant breakfast like cereal, orange juice, toast and jam etc., guess what?  You’ll crave carbs and sugar ALL DAY LONG!  The more you eat, the more you want!  And unlike the governments FOOD PYRAMID we all now know that it’s not fat (the right kind) that we should be wary of, its SUGAR!  If you want to see dramatic fat loss……reduce your SUGAR INTAKE!

Sugar basically causes an inflammatory reaction in the system which has shown to be the precursor to a host of illnesses such as heart disease and of course Diabetes and as most of you reading this blog will be in the business of improving your Pelvic Health with positive lifestyle and nutrition, getting to a point where consuming sugar just isn’t a given in your nutrition is a smart move.

So, here are some ideas to help you make better.

A Great Article on the Science Bit!

So first up, I love savoury food for breakfast and would happily eat a roast dinner on rising so here’s one of my favourite breakfasts that you might like to try….2 scrambled eggs in coconut oil, smoked salmon and brocolli.  Very savoury!



This breakfast in high in Omega 3 (awesomely GOOD FAT), the brocolli is part of the cruciferous family – great for hormonal balance and of course high in protein and fibre.  Add as much brocolli as you like to ensure you are satiated.


And here’s a beautifully presented Pea Protein and Raspberries Smoothie option for those of you who just can face the above in the morning from Ambassador Kelly Bassett in Brighton.

pea protein smoothie


Pea Protein Frozen Raspberry Smoothie


Oat milk or coconut milk not the stuff that you cook with though (the coconut milk that looks like milk but is much better for you!)
Heaped teaspoon of Pea Protein Powder
A handful of frozen raspberries – high in antioxidants and a LOW GI fruit
A Teaspoon of Chia Seed
A Teaspoon of Flaxseed – great for hormonal health, great bowel function,full of essential fats and improves insulin resistance
A Teaspoon of Raw Cocoa – full of anti-oxidants and important minerals

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